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'93 - something tells us
'94 - start of a generation
» '96 - one extra cylinder
'98 - Limited Edition
'98 - sequal to Limited Edition
'00 - Y2K versions, final chapter


1995 brought new engines, new colours and a facelifted interior. Check out the colours by clicking the samples at the right.

With the 1.8 16v (which was not available in the UK) offering 130bhp, the 2.0 20v 147bhp and the 2.0 20v Turbo a stunning 220bhp, the Fiat Coupe went on to attack a broad public. The 1.8 engine offered greater flexibility than the former 2.0 16v, and an increased fuel economy. The 2.0 20v with 5 cylinders with its very smooth power delivery gave a great balance between power and economy... with a nice sound too.

The Turbo engine opts for performance. With slightly under 2 liters, it was the fastest front wheel driven production car in its time. And it remained so for quite some time. With an acceleration of just over 6 seconds ffor the 0-100km/h (0-62 miles/h) there's very few cars that beat the price-performance ratio.

Great roadholding capabilities, with a safe choice of front wheel, drive mean this car is easy to drive extremely hard. The fun? Making Porsches run for their life, Ferrari's keeping an eye in the rear view mirror just figuring out what's following them, and my God does it go fast. A breathtaking top of 250km/h (155 miles/h) is reached so quickly that many cars will just have to pass on any high-speed challenge.

The 462 Sprint Blue colour was only available on the Turbo version. According to Fiat, this colour enhances the physical appearance of the Coupe. It's a difficult colour to capture on a photograph, as it somehow adapts to the lightin conditions, sometimes being like slightly purple, sometimes pale blue, and sometimes darker blue. Even Fiat didn't really manage to replicate it in the brochures.

The Plus versions no longer appeared in the range, but the larger choice in colour and trim would offer greater possibilities for those interested.

» Model overview

  1.8 16v 2.0 20v 2.0 20v Turbo
Engine displacement 1747 cm³ 1998 cm³ 1998 cm³
Cylinders 4 5 5
Compression ratio 10.3 : 1 10 : 1 8.5 : 1
Power 96 kW
130 bhp
6.300 rpm
108 kW
147 bhp
6.100 rpm
162 kW
220 bhp
5.750 rpm
Torque 164 Nm
4.300 rpm
186 Nm
4.500 rpm
310 Nm
2.500 rpm
Viscodrive no no yes
Turning circle 10.3 10.3 10.4
Tyres 195/55R15V 205/50R15W 205/50R16Y
Wheels 15" 15" 16"
Brakes 257 mm
240 mm
284 mm
251 mm
305 mm
251 mm
Weight 1.180 kg 1.270 kg 1.310 kg
Topspeed 205 km
128 miles
212 km
132 miles
250 km
155 miles
0-100 km/h**
9.2 sec 8.9 sec 6.5 sec
Airco no yes yes
Leather interior no no no

* Acceleration figures measured carrying 2 people + 20 kg luggage.
** Equals 0-62 mph.

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