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Click your way to various other Fiat Coupe sites, clubs and sponsors of this site.


Amici Del Coupe

Michele is the owner of the Swiss Club. Lots of activities here and a beautiful country to go to for a meeting.

Website: http://www.amicidelcoupe.ch
Email: Michele DeCerbo

Club Coupe Piemonte

The Coupe Club from Piemonte, Italy, now has its own website. Check it out. They're doing a lot of meetings. Extraordinary racing pictures on there too!

Website: http://www.clubdelcoupefiat.piemonte.it

Club Del Coupé Fiat

The Italian Fiat Coupé clubsite. Tuning links, pictures, gadgets, meetings, they have it all. Get your Italian dictionnary ready and pay these guys a visit.

Website: http://www.clubdelcoupefiat.com
Email: Salvanio C

Coupé Fiat Austria

The Coupé Fiat Austria site gives you a gallery, tuning section, download section, and a lot of information on 'the' Coupé and Reinhard's Coupé, in general.

Website: http://www.coupefiat.at
Email: Reinhard

Fiat Club Sweden

A lot of Swedish people are having trouble finding a club to join. Well, here it is: the official Swedish Fiat Club.

Website: http://sfk.ibk.se
Email: Peter Olsson

Fiat Coupé Club Luxembourg

The official Luxembourg Fiat Coupé page. In such a small country, it's a big thing to set up such a good club. Meetings are organised by David Gallone and visited from owners all over Europe. Make sure you subscribe to the famous mailing list.

Website: http://homepages.internet.lu/coupefiat
Email: David Gallone

Fiat Coupe Club UK

Official UK Fiat Coupe Club, founded through the Forum of fiatcoupe.net, offers many advantages to UK as well as non-UK owners. Looking for discounts, professionally organised events or just any information? Time to visit this site and sign up for a year membership.

Website: http://www.fccuk.org
Email: Scooby and Bobblington

Fiat Coupé Freunde Deutschland

Originally hosted by Stefan Lenzer, this is the site to go to when you speak German. With a Forum, pictures and lots of meetings and news. Yes, even a shop.

Website: http://www.fiatcoupe-freunde.de
Email: Bernd Höpner

Hong Kong Fiat Coupe Club

A site with very useful information on the Coupe, including DIY guides. Don't forget if you're English: click the link at the top for the English version.

Website: http://www.hkfiatclub.com
Email: Check site for contacts

La Bruta Bellezza

The Coupé Fiat Club Holland. They do lots of trips and offer loads of information and magazine articles on the Coupé.

Website: http://home.planet.nl/~pkoorn/coupefiat-clubnl.html
Email: Henkjan Abbes

The Northern Ireland Italian Motor Club

As it says, this is the homepage for the Italan Car Club in Nothern Ireland.

Website: http://www.niimc.co.uk
Email: Check site for contacts

Garages, tuning and accessories

Autobedrijf Caudron nv

Well, these are the guys from my local garage, where I both all my Fiats up to the Punto HGT. I have switched to a different garage.

Website: http://www.caudron.be
Email: Guy & Dirk Caudron

Cadamuro design

This design house offers spoilers, hoods in Ferrari styles, spoilers, and a lot more.

Website: http://www.cadamurodesign.it
Email: Sergio & Gilberto Cadamuro

Continental garage

By Coupe owners well appreciated garage near Glasgow. Owns a Coupe himself.

Website: http://www.continental-garage.co.uk
Email: Check site for contacts


Sells new, used and tuning parts for the Fiat Coupe. LED-backlights, spoilers, brembo brakes and clutches,...

Website: http://www.coupeteile.de
Email: Oliver Hoffmann


Electric Superchargers - Build an Install your own Electric Supercharger. Easy to follow instructions for building our powerful 24,000rpm electric supercharger. Gain up to 2psi boost on any Import or Domestic car!

Website: http://www.esuperchargers.com
Email: Blair Russell

ETS Motorsport

UK suppliers of NOVITEC.

Website: http://www.etsmotorsport.com
Email: Mark Hughes

Garage Cornette

The best Fiat garage I've ever 'met' in Belgium. And not in Belgium alone. A summary: after three years and two-three garages, my uncurable Punto was cured by them in two days! Recommended - worth the drive even if you live 500km away. I now even do the 90km for just an oil change. Nobody else touches my car!

Website: http://www.alfa-romeo.be
Email: Cornette


Specialist in revised and new parts for Fiat, Alfa and Lancia. THE place to be if you need a new secondhand engine, turbo, gearbox,... be it diesel or petrol!

Website: http://www.geuzendam.nl

GS Tuning

German dealer for body kits and other tuning.

Website: http://www.gstuning.de


Iberparts is a Spanish company based in Vigo dedicated to export automobile and trucks parts worldwide. Original and aftermarket parts.

Website: http://www.vigonet.com/quas/weli.htm
Email: Check site for contacts


Does a range of styling parts for the Coupe, including Turbo Plus replica front bumper extensions to fit the standard 20vt model.

Website: http://www.lester.it

Motor Mech

Italian Car Specialist in easy reach off the M6, been trading from the address since 1996, carrying out mainly mechanical repairs.

Website: http://www.motor-mech.co.uk
Email: Paul Gilbert


German company offering after-market brake systems for the Coupe.

Website: http://www.movit.de
Email: Mov'it



Online high performance car magazine.

Website: http://www.redline.lt
Email: Saulius Jarasiunas


Brinks' Fiat Coupe Site

Andy brinks is the one you have to go to for anything related to the intestins of the Coupe. He has some serious knowledge of it and if you can't find it there, you won't find it in your garage either.

Website: http://www.fiat-coupe.com
Email: Andy Brinkman

Celebrating the first ten years

CoupeFiat.info celebrates 10 years of the vehicle with a brief history, suggested reading, brochure summary and photographs.

Website: http://www.coupefiat.info
Email: Christine

Coupe Fiat 20VT - Ducati 900 SS

Has some technical information that you cannot find on other sites.

Website: http://www.desmocoupe.de
Email: Check site for contacts

Coupé Fiat Club

Jean-Bernard is working on a French site about the Fiat Coupe. Some nice pictures of his own Coupe and some tuned ones. He also hosts some movies, which are taken from fiatcoupe.net amongst other.

Website: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/titiland
Email: Jean-Bernard Fournier


Desire is just the beginning... James picked up his Coupé on 15th of February 2000. And that indeed was only the beginning. If you want to get updated about tuning, better check this page. Also houses a picture gallery, dealer rating, accessories rating and a problems section to see if anyone has a solution. James shares the Forum, Chat, Owners List,...

Website: http://www.coupe-sport.co.uk
Email: James Northam


Fiat Coupe and other sports car artwork.

Website: http://www.coupeart.co.uk
Email: Europa

DeeTee's LE site

DeeTee has been the author of one of the biggest sites about Fiat Coupés. It's dedicated to the Limited Edition and it houses a very large collection of owners that tell about their experiences.

Website: http://www.dtcoupele.mcmail.com
Email: DeeTee

Droemels Reich

In the "Mobilität" section are some meeting reviews and links.

Website: http://www.droemel.de
Email: Jens

Fiat Coupé BR

Clythio keeps them Brazilian passionadas alive. Get your Portugese dictionary out of the rack, or use altavista's babelfish. With a fantastic mailinglist, gallery, history and a couple of downloads, this is the site to go for if you have any knowledge of Portugese.

Website: http://www.amazon.com.br/~clythio/coupe.htm
Email: Clythio

Fiat Coupe History

German site that has a giant heap of information on all generations of the Fiat Coupe.

Website: http://www.fiatcoupehistory.de
Email: Ferenc Kempermann

Fiat Coupe in Spanish

Site oriented to the Spanish market.

Website: http://usuarios.lycos.es/fiatcoupe/
Email: Cesar Garcam

Findit Fiat Index

Roy started up a page that shows you where to find Fiat related things on the web. It has a complete Fiat Links Page.

Website: http://www.findit.co.uk/uk/cars/fiat.htm
Email: Roy

Homepage der Familie Meyer

Rainer has a section dedicated to the Coupe.

Website: http://www.rainer-meyer.gmxhome.de
Email: Rainer Meyer


Chris' site is concentrating on two things: pictures and links. Oh and some of his own ventures into styling or restyling (minor) his Coupe. You have a Coupe site? Or pictures you want everybody to see? Check it out!

Website: http://www.fiat-coupe.fsnet.co.uk
Email: Chris Robinson


Has a section dedicated to the Coupe.

Website: http://www.schwozer.com
Email: Carsten Schwozer

Le site non officiel du Coupé Fiat

Elric's French site about the Fiat Coupé. Complete with tips and tricks, galleries, mailing list, tech info, links and much much more.

Website: http://www.multimania.com/cabrio/coupefiat
Email: Elric Régis

Neil's Fiat Coupe Site

Has a bunch of nice magazine articles online to download, and a nice comparison of different cars in terms of performance.

Website: http://homepages.tesco.net/~niall.mcmahon
Email: Niall McMahon

Paul Kelman's Fiat Coupé

At the moment, just pictures, pictures, pictures of Paul's car, but he's planning on more... sometime.

Website: http://www.angelfire.com/ak/timetosurf/index.html
Email: Paul Kelman

RasRic's Coupebilder

As it says, RasRic has a collection of Coupe images on his site.

Website: http://www.einbeck-multimedia.de/lotek/fiatcoupe
Email: Check site for contacts

Roobarb's Fiat Coupé Page

What to be expected from a Coupé, what it is like to own one and some tips to get yourself prepared if you want to buy one. Includes a list of insurance companies and their prices.

Website: http://www.crudworks.org
Email: Simon Prickett

The Coupé Fiat Adoration Pages

Pieter Molenaar brings a list of Coupé Fiat clubs, owners list, picture galleries, information about models of the Coupé, and some other things.

Website: http://home.wxs.nl/~molen145
Email: Pieter Molenaar

The Fudd

Peter Boylan, already on his second Coupe Turbo. With the Iridescent Oyster White color of his plus, there's no way you won't notice him when passing by.

Website: http://www.thefudd.com
Email: Peter Boylan

Website von Emily, Sylvia & Friedemann

Has a section dedicated to the Coupe.

Website: http://www.hinsche-online.de
Email: Friedemann Hinsche



The company that hosts fiatcoupe.net and hosted forum.fiatcoupe.net in its initial years - the best hosting company you can get your hands on - at least that's what my own experience tells me. Very cheap, and I try forwarding people to them in return for their wonderful service. If you need hosting, don't hesitate: go there!

Website: http://www.hostproof.com
Email: check site for contacts

Index NV

The company that took care of the email server and that hosted my domain before moving to hostproof. They made sure it's possible to get low-priced email addresses. Visit their site, order some webspace, register your domain, get an email server.

Website: http://www.index.be
Email: Check site for contacts


The company started by Kayjey. All development work for the fiatcoupe.net website is done in their name. You know what we can do, so if you need anything web-, print-, video-,... related, get in touch!

Website: http://www.straydesign.com
Email: Klaas De Waele

Watch out for these too...

Italian Driver

Built on the remains of www.coupe-fiat.de, Dirk Winkelback combined the things he does for work with the thing he bought for fun. A close luck on everything related to Italian cars. Realy the best for good newsitems and spotlighted exotics!

Website: http://www.italiandriver.de
Email: Dirk Winkelbach

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