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For his helping hand on launching the new site, transferring data of the old one to the new one. Wonderful guy who should come and visit me in Belgium more often. (Just choose a cosier pub, okay?)

Mario Peeters
For his endless dedication. He pushed me into PHP, cooperated on the content management tool we've written, did some of the basics for fiatcoupe.net,...

And especially Walter Somergruber (a Coupe LE owner himself) for offering the best webhosting there is! I've started working with these guys professionally and they are marvellous!

Index nv
For offering me the possibility to host the domain and email at fiatcoupe.net. A huge thanks for their sponsoring. If you want anything related to domain names or database management systems, intranets and a lot more, go there! You would do me and them a big favour!

James Northam
For being so kind to cooperate with me and make our sites really grow. He's brought a lot of additional members to the Forum and the likes, and made it worthwhile to continue the Forum, getting a shared zone on our sites.

Tony Ritchie
For letting me use the necessary ASP space and processing power on his server. Thanks to him, we've got the Owners List, Exhaust Manifold Crack List, Articles, and all other asp based services. A HUGE thanks. Pay him a visit, order some space and a website, let him get something out of this too.

The Fiat Coupe Club UK
For their moral and financial support, especially in running the Forum.

Scooby and Bobblington
For their dedication to the Club and keeping in touch accross the North Sea.

Omar Barakat
For sending me the magazine all the way from the United Arab Emirates. See him and his black stallion in the picture galleries.

The Autoitalia Team
Especially Phil Ward and Dave Gibbons who let me use some articles.

Francis Schoufs
For offering our members the possibility to buy a personalized painting of their Coupe.

Goedele De Bruyne
For being so supportive and becoming a real enthousiast herself.

Gerry Meyen
For learning me the ASP basics (I never learned programming ever) and have me frustrated and have me spending lots of time learning because I really wanted to be good at this.

Fons Van Loon
Who tried reworking a small part of the script for the galleries (although I ended up giving him the solution but I think every effort is worth a mention).

All the other Fiat Coupe sites
For keeping in touch and not competing against each others, but instead uniting all sites in a portal site. I suggest you go to the links page to learn more.

All those...
that come to meetings, send me pictures, join the Owners List, participate in the Forum and made this site SCORE BIGTIME.

No thanks...
to the people who tried to discourage me, stealing ideas, saying I stole their ideas (no, I did not) or efforts. I make good work in not violating any copyright. If you would find any infringement, let me know. I'd be happy to solve the issue.

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