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» Fitting a strut brace

:: Fitting a strut brace

Thanks to www.coupe-sport.co.uk

1: LE strut brace part F0046317022 - £75.79 inc. VAT From your friendly Fiat dealer. It mounts between the strut pillars and uses existing mounting points and bolts. The drivers side bolt also holds one of the engine mount tie bars and attaches to the strut via the black bracket * which has the cable carrier passing over the top of it (left of red circle). Undo this bolt (circled in red) with a Socket wrench (16mm) and then withdraw the bolt. The nut is held captively underneath the bracket.

2: The passenger side strut. Again undo the bolt circled but this time with a 14mm socket.

3: Place the Strut brace between the struts making sure the fuel pipes run over the top of the brace as shown. The brace has a length adjuster arrangement which should be loosened off to help fitting of the brace. Line up the holes in the strut brace mounting lug with the empty bolt hole and screw the bolt back in on the drivers side. The two washers that came out with the bolt should go on the top side of the strut brace so the bottom of the strut brace mounting lug clamps straight to the bracket with no washers in between *

4: Do the same on the passenger side but place the non captive washer between the lug and the strut top. Fully tighten the bolts so that the strut brace is fixed firmly in place. Finally tighten the length adjuster so the brace is rigid, but don't force the nuts.

5: Job done. The strut brace will prevent strut pillar flexing during hard cornering and make the body more rigid. It also looks rather nice too.

* Note - Some 20v turbos have a slightly different bracket which attaches between the strut pillar and the engine mount. This means the strut brace will need packing spacers to attach it properly to the bracket. To avoid this I've modified my strutbrace slightly.

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