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» Some easy work
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:: Some easy work

» Replacing handbrake cable
Refurbishing petrol filler cap

:: Replacing handbrake cable

Tools needed , 13mm socket and ratchet handle.

Cost £13 for both cables from the nice man Steve at Alternative Autos. One notable difference between the old and new cables (besides the old rubbers being torn) was the inner cable. On the new ones it's plastic coated which should in theory prevent and water ingress causing problems. The new cables seemed infinitely better made than the originals too.

Time taken - An easy 30 minutes.

1: First you need to have the back end of the car raised high enough above the ground to be able to reach and see around the middle of the bottom of the car. I reversed the car onto ramps and used sandbags to chock the front wheels.
Next, slacken the handbrake tensioner located just below the lever. Turn the nut almost to the end of it's thread but don't undo it completely.

2: Now release the ends of the cables from the tie bar. This is in the middle of the car underneath and is easily accessable. Just remove the plastic clip and turn the cable ends out of the slots.

3: Working towards the rear of the car, simply pull the cable assembly rearwards from these supports.

4: On each side of the car working rearwards you'll come across a clip like this. Simply prise it open with your fingers.

5: Also on both sides of the car you'll find these supports. The cable sits in them but you'll need to unbolt the 13mm bolt that holds the supports' bracket on to make room to slip the cable out.

6: On the side of the car away from the exhaust you'll find this small free moving plastic widget. This stops the cable chafing on the tank.

7: On the exhaust side you'll find this aluminium sheath which protects the exposes section from heat damage.

8: Finally, unhook the cable from the calliper (this photo shows the nice new on laid in place but not tensioned).

Refitting as they say is reversal of removal!

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