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» Fit new front component speakers

:: Fit new front component speakers

Thanks to www.coupe-sport.co.uk

1: This is a general guide to front speaker installation on the Coupe and will be updated when I replace my own front spekers. In this installation, Regis has installed Alpine component speakers. To start, carefully prise off the speaker grill, undo the screws holding the original speaker in place and then remove the unit. Pull off the connector on the back of the speaker.

2: The space left is quite large and gives you a good choice of replacement components, the original bass units being 6.5in units. Whether you use the original wiring is dependant on the type of components used and whether they have an external crossover or just a high pass (capacitor) in line to the treble unit.

3; Regis chose components with a slightly smaller bass unit than the original Fiat system. Here he has made up an adapter ring to allow the smaller unit to use the existing holes.

4: The adapter ring fixed in place and ready to mount the new bass unit. The original connector needs to be cut off (check the polarity off the wires) and then these need to be soldered to the terminals on the back of the new bass units.

5: With the cables soldered on the correct way round, the bass unit can now be fixed in place. Be careful when screwing the fixing screws into place that you don't slip and make a hole in that nice new cone !

6: All done, replace the grill and start on the other door.

7: The Coupe has it's tweeters up on the dash at either end of the windscreen. These can be removed to allow the tweeters to be changed. To get to them...

8: ...Remove the side panel by carefully prising it away from the dash board. The tweeter unit can then be pushed out. This area is also an excellent place to fix the crossovers.

9: In his installation, Elric has fixed the Alpine tweeters on top of the original grills and led the wires through the grill underneath.

10: If you want to make the new installation look standard then remove the original tweeters and mount the new ones underneath the grill in their place. A true stealth system, especially if used with the original Clarion head unit and CD changer.

Many thanks to Regis Elric for the kind use of these pictures. Regis site can be found here http://www.multimania.com/cabrio/coupefiat

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