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Add a dealer by mailing all details about them through the contact form. We need the following information: name, country, address, telephone, fax, email and website.

Autobedrijf Caudron (Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium)
» B.L.S Automotive (Lincolnshire, UK)
Bowes Garage (South Yorkshire, England)
Garage Cornette (West-Vlaanderen, Belgium)
Garage Joeri Verheyden (Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium)
Nick Harper (East Anglia, UK)
PowerFiat ltd (Essex, England)
Turin Motors (Leeds West Yorkshire, UK)

:: B.L.S Automotive (Lincolnshire, UK)

Unit 1,Great Northern Way Great Northern Terrace
Lincoln Lincolnshire. LN5 8XF
telephone: 01522 531529

review by 'Andy (trig)'

problem analysis accuracy9
problem analysis speed8
problem fixing accuracy9
problem fixing speed9
attention to detail9
technical total8.8
technical people9
contact total9
extra total5

Small garage in an industrial unit, but don’t let the appearance put you off! Specialise in Alfa and Fiat (think they are ex. Fiat?) I’ve mainly used them mainly for servicing. Very friendly and thorough. Honest about problems that they foresee (will tell you for example that part X will need replacing in the next 2000 miles). Prices are competitive. They also prepare race spec Alfas (turbo and N/A).

review by 'Matt (Welformed)'

problem analysis accuracy9
problem analysis speed9
problem fixing accuracy8
problem fixing speed9
attention to detail9
technical total8.8
technical people9
contact total9
extra total3

They charge £35 per hour labour. If they are good and accurate at doing your work, is there anything else you need to know? (average Fiat dealer is £65 per hour). They are also prepared to do initial fault diagnosis on a free (just) outside of normal office hours, on the assumption that if they find anything, you will go to them to get it fixed!

I feel that BLS should be used for repairs, standard equipment fault diagnosis and servicing only. They do not seem very keen to look at modified cars/modifcations, which is their perogative. I get the impression this is because they are not very experienced in this area. This is just IMO on talking to them about mods. E.g. they would fit something like a replacement/upgraded manifold, but expect them to say "no" to fitting a charge cooler or other heavily customised parts.

Two friendly and approachable middle-aged chaps who look like they have a lot of hands-on experience and knowledge of Fiats and Alfas.

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