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To order:
Click here to preview a few pages and then buy the Fiat Coupe Book
or goto www.lulu.com, choose the UK shop after clicking on the flag at the top and search for 'fiat coupe'.

These are great times when two respected members of the Fiat Coupe scene put together a book that covers the technical side of Coupe ownership. Made by Joe Knight (countrycruising) and Neil Barnes (barnacle), it covers:

• Introduction
• Buying a coupe
• 16V engine
• 20V engine
• Gearbox, differential, and viscous coupling
• Driveshafts and suspension
• Brakes and wheel hubs
• Electrical systems
• Interior and trim
• Bodywork and chassis
• Common faults and their cures
• Weights and measures

240 pages of clear and informative text and over eighty large photographs; an easy-to-read guide of everything you need to know about the coupe and how to keep it on the road when it all goes wrong!

Ideally sized (A5) to keep in the car, the garage, or even the throne room for those moments when a little light reading is required.

Printed on demand by Lulu for only £17.99 plus postage. Postage is variable depending on your location and how fast you want it; we have found the cheapest tends to deliver in five or six days.


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A Fiat Coupe Forum RSS feed is now available! - go to update

Technical information about the 2.0 16v ECU - go to update

And another good read, now featuring the original FCC uk Newsletter 2 for everyone to read. - go to update

I've added a link to the original FCC uk Newsletter 1 for everyone now to read. - go to update

How to replace a cambelt on a Fiat Coupe 20v? A nice "How To"... only for people who know what they're doing! - go to update

Squadra Tuning visited: an otherwise bog standard Coupe with just a chip reaches 260bhp with what's probably the smoothest power curve I've ever seen on a Coupe. Interested? Contact Squadra! - go to update

You can help us! - go to update

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Squadra Tuning - probably the best Coupe chip...Squadra Tuning - probably the best Coupe chip...
(Klaas De Waele)
2.0 20v Turbo Plus, Metallic Light Red, Squadra, chip, tuning

Chris BangleChris Bangle
(Klaas De Waele)

How the Coupé was bornHow the Coupé was born
(Chris Bangle)

After the first visit to the hand carwash...After the first visit to the hand carwash...
(Klaas De Waele & Goedele De Bruyne)
2.0 20v Turbo Plus, Sprint Blue

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