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» (Very) proud owner of a Steel Gray 1.8 16v...

:: (Very) proud owner of a Steel Gray 1.8 16v...

Piet Deprez lives in Gent, Belgium and owns a Steel Gray 1.8 16v Coupé, constructed in 1999.

Piet always has a great time driving his Coupé around. But after some de-motivating paperwork, he became a bit more careful. He stepped up to the Coupé coming from a Fiat Tipo. His loving wife drives a Tempra. His biggest pleasure is watching the car and the people that turn their heads to do the same. 'Which brand? A Fiat? Really?'. Even those dedicated Alfa-fans just can't resist it.

But Piet also came across a disadvantage. He's afraid that there will appear some sort of racism against the 'regular' 16v Coupé drivers. He feels the car is just to beautiful to look down upon. In English, sometime people say 'real beauty comes from within', though he feels the looks of the Coupé is one of the most important things, thanks to Pininfarina.

The Coupé 1.8 16v has more power than most of the cars that are on the road at the time. Owning a Coupé, whichever model, expresses some passion for cars and their design. If you have the money to buy a Turbo model, don't forget you're now buying the real top model out of a very complete range. And you'll probably only meet a few other Turbo's in your life (unless you're in for a Club Meeting). So let the 16v be what it is: a real Pininfarina car that's most pleasant to drive and to love. And let the Turbo be what it is: a car you buy if you don't have the money for a Ferrari, to love and to drive hard. Also remember 90% of the people you meet won't be able to tell the difference between the 16v and the Turbo from the looks alone. When I meet a Coupé, any Coupé, I'll always flash my lights and put up a hand. Why not all do like that...

Piet had to miss his car a while lately when the push buttons for the rear window heating and central locking system came loose (lucky you Piet, some people had it fall behind the dashboard). He brought the Coupé in on November the 17th (1999), but came to know there were no spare parts available. It was only until April 2000 all was repaired. So be gentle with those buttons! Mailing Fiat Belgium didn't bring him a reply...

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