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3D renderings3D renderings
(Charles Ehrmann)
2.0 16v Turbo, 3d, rendering

Squadra Tuning - probably the best Coupe chip...Squadra Tuning - probably the best Coupe chip...
(Klaas De Waele)
2.0 20v Turbo Plus, Metallic Light Red, Squadra, chip, tuning

Kayjey's Alfa 147Kayjey's Alfa 147
(Klaas De Waele)
Alfa, 147, Red, Ti

Coupe Crashes 2Coupe Crashes 2
(Multiple photographers)
Crashed Coupes

Double exhaustDouble exhaust
(Victor Marinho)
2.0 16v, Racing Red

Custom turboCustom turbo
(Rodrigo Rolim)
2.0 16v, Broom Yellow

Red red lineRed red line
(Windy Miller)
2.0 20v Turbo, Racing Red, Postert

Yellow pearlYellow pearl
(Frédéric Congiu)
2.0 16v, Broom Yellow

Fiat SportsWagonFiat SportsWagon
(F. Kempermann)
Metallic Ink Black

(Piu Racing)
2.0 20v Turbo, Piu Racing

Dyno Shootout UK, February 22nd 2003 - Part IDyno Shootout UK, February 22nd 2003 - Part I
(Klaas De Waele)

First Annual Event FCCUKFirst Annual Event FCCUK
(Klaas De Waele)

Viva Italia - Assen 2002Viva Italia - Assen 2002
(Klaas De Waele)

(Gert Van Eeckhout)
2.0 16v Turbo, Metallic Blue

2.0 20v Turbo, Metallic Light Red

Yorkshire Outlet Meeting - april 2002Yorkshire Outlet Meeting - april 2002

Encontro Rio - april 2002Encontro Rio - april 2002
(Riquetzinho, Sergio)

A Lot of RedA Lot of Red
(Paulo Ivando Kempfer)
2.0 16v Plus, Racing Red

Allmotors meeting - march 2002Allmotors meeting - march 2002
(Flávio Parpinelli)

(Thiago Castro)
2.0 16v, Broom Yellow

At SpeedAt Speed
(Klaas De Waele)
2.0 20v Turbo, Broom Yellow

Yellow FlyYellow Fly
(Rodrigo Rolim)
2.0 16v, Broom Yellow

Pininfarina FactoryPininfarina Factory
(Flávio Parpinelli)

Dyno Shootout - Part VDyno Shootout - Part V
(Keith Heung)

Rodrigo's KidsRodrigo's Kids
1.8 16v, Metallic Steel Grey

Sparkling Dark RedSparkling Dark Red
(Stefan Fürtbauer)
2.0 20v Turbo Plus, Metallic Dark Red

Piece of ConsolePiece of Console
(Aluysio Riquet)

Dean's car - Kayjey's ex-carDean's car - Kayjey's ex-car
(Klaas De Waele)
2.0 20v Turbo Plus, Sprint Blue

Luxembourg Kickoff Meeting - 2002Luxembourg Kickoff Meeting - 2002
(Klaas De Waele)

Artistic Impression...Artistic Impression...

Integrale For SaleIntegrale For Sale
(Klaas De Waele)

Fiat Coupe LE JacketFiat Coupe LE Jacket
(Klaas De Waele)

Australian SunRayAustralian SunRay
(Tony McDougall)
2.0 20v Turbo Plus, Iridescent Pearl White

Red SpiderRed Spider
(Ayman Emam)
2.0 16v, Racing Red

So Very WhiteSo Very White
(Jack Schloesser)
2.0 16v, White

(Patrick Langstraat)
2.0 20v (pre-1998), Metallic Ink Black

Cat and FiddleCat and Fiddle

Dyno Shootout - Part IVDyno Shootout - Part IV
(Dave Gibbons)

Dyno Shootout - Part IIIDyno Shootout - Part III

Dyno Shootout - Part IIDyno Shootout - Part II

Dyno Shootout - Part IDyno Shootout - Part I
(Goedele De Bruyne & Klaas De Waele)

Dyno Shootout - Part IDyno Shootout - Part I
(Goedele De Bruyne & Klaas De Waele)

Bodykit Kayjey & JoeyBodykit Kayjey & Joey
(Kayjey & Joey)

Yellow Brit in BelgiumYellow Brit in Belgium
2.0 20v Turbo, Broom Yellow

Custom LeatherCustom Leather
(Eric Hingst)
2.0 20v Turbo, Metallic Steel Grey, Custom leather interior

Dark StyleDark Style
(F. Kempermann)
2.0 16v Plus, Metallic Black

Clear WhiteClear White
2.0 16v Turbo Plus, White

Made in SwitzerlandMade in Switzerland
2.0 20v Turbo LE, Cadamuro

Little Green White WheelsLittle Green White Wheels
(Gabriel Cória da Silva)
2.0 16v, Metallic Scots Green

DTM CoupeDTM Coupe
(Victor Marinho)
2.0 16v, Racing Red, DTM

Trovão AzulTrovão Azul
(Fernando Macieira)
2.0 16v, Metallic Blue

2.0 20v Turbo Plus, Metallic Ink Black

Ferrari WheelsFerrari Wheels
(Flavio Soares Parpinelli)
2.0 16v Plus, Racing Red

Silver GlareSilver Glare
(Chris Pye)
2.0 20v Turbo Plus, Metallic Moon Grey

Home-Made Starter ButtonHome-Made Starter Button

(Klaas De Waele)

Brazil Meeting 2Brazil Meeting 2
(Victor Marinho)

Thing in the darkThing in the dark
(Johannes Chr. Folden Jensen)
2.0 20v Turbo, Sprint Blue

Found on the web - part 1Found on the web - part 1
(Klaas De Waele)

Tineke de PoorterTineke de Poorter
(F. Kempermann)
2.0 16v Turbo, Broom Yellow, Modified 4x4

(Jose Carlos Carvalho da Cunha)
2.0 16v, Racing Red

Turkey Group N RacingTurkey Group N Racing
(Burak Ozdemir)
2.0 16v Turbo, Metallic Blue

Pictures from YugoslaviaPictures from Yugoslavia
(Vanja Cvijetic)
2.0 20v Turbo, Metallic Portofino Blue

Eric en ProvenceEric en Provence
(Eric Wuytack)
1.8 16v Sportline, Metallic Moon Grey

Extreme Coupe'sExtreme Coupe's
(F. Kempermann)
Photoshop art...

Small Brazilian Meeting» Small Brazilian Meeting
(Victor Marinho)

The Coupe ToolkitThe Coupe Toolkit
(Clythio Backx van Buggenhout)

Risi TuningRisi Tuning
(Flavio Parpinelli)
2.0 16v Turbo, Black

En RougeEn Rouge